Assistive Technology – Scope customers and staff at the TOM: Melbourne Makeathon

Scope Assistive Technology

This year, taking assistive technology to the next level, Scope became a Community Partner of the TOM (Tikkun Olam Makers): Melbourne Makeathon, held over the first weekend of December. The event brings ‘Need Knowers’, people with disabilities, together with ‘Makers’, such as engineers, therapists, 3D printers and software developers to solve complex challenges within 72 hours.

Scope’s Innovation Manager, John Scahill, commented that “Partnering with the TOM Makeathon gave us fantastic hands-on experience of what can be achieved with the right mix of expertise and technology.”

Scope customers Lorraine Hagg, Harry Green and Andrea Milner had these challenges for their Maker teams:

Independent Art

Lorraine enjoys weekly art classes but wanted to do it more independently. After trying a series of technical options, the Makers returned to simpler solutions. They developed a mould that would better support Lorraine’s hand. It provides Lorraine with better visibility of her work and reduces support worker involvement.

Independent Towel Drying

Harry, who has hemiparesis, wanted to be able to dry himself independently. He could only dry one side of his body without help. The Makers’ solution involved an adjustable belt and gripping system to give Harry an extra anchor point for drying himself.

Inclusive Fishing

Andrea wanted to be able to fish more independently. Her team combined a 3D printed rod holder with an electric motor that Andrea can control with a push button, allowing her to reel in her catch of the day. To see it in action below.

The weekend was action packed and produced great outcomes for all the Need Knowers. In addition to Lorraine, Harry and Andrea, Scope’s Innovation team and therapists from Go Kids (Elise Rizzo), CIRC (Georgia Burn) and North Metro (Sonia Yu) attended the event. Speech Therapist Georgia Burn said “Seeing first-hand what positivity, creativity and the right attitude can produce in 72 hours was absolutely electric.” To read more about Georgia’s experience here.

To find out more about TOM in Melbourne, check out their Facebook page here.