Balloon Football’s best and brightest battle it out in All-Stars Match

Victoria’s top players in Scope’s Balloon Football League (BFL) are set to battle it out for the honour of being named BFL All-Stars team.

Sixteen of the best players from across BFL’s seven established leagues in Victoria will convene at Sportlink to decide who will be this year’s champions.

Josie Stocco is honored and excited to be playing in the BFL All-Stars match.

“It’s the highest honour as a BFL player to be invited to take part. I’m so excited to play and be playing alongside the best!’ said Josie.

Scope’s Balloon Football League is a sport designed by people with disabilities, for people with disabilities. It is a modified version of Australian Rules Football that is played on an indoor basketball court with players using either powered or manual wheelchairs.

BFL is a sport for players of all abilities to fine tune their balloon football skills, meet new people and play competitive sport. Balloon football promotes social inclusion for people with a disability and provides opportunities such as being be part of a team, and developing leadership skills.

Scope CEO, Dr. Jennifer Fitzgerald says playing BFL has provides numerous benefits for people with disability.

“Playing a regular sport like BFL has significant benefits in improving physical, cognitive and mental health in players. Additionally, for many of the people we support, BFL plays a large part in their social lives and has allowed them to develop a new network of friends.”

Where: Sportlink, 2 Hanover Rd, Vermont South.                                When: July 26th 10:30am to 1:30pm

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