Ban on Single Use Plastic in Victoria – Single-use Plastic Straw Easy English Factsheet

Dan Andrews has announced that there will be a ban on single use plastic in Victoria as of 1nd February 2023. This is great news for the animals, air, water and the environment.

Many people with disability do need to use single use straws so Scope’s Accessible Information Team worked with the Victorian Government to produce an easy English Factsheet about plastic straws to make sure the information is clear and accessible for everyone. You can access it here.

Some key points are as follows:

  • It is not against the rules to use a plastic straw if you need to
  • You can buy single-use plastic straws and keep them at home
  • You can take your straws with you when you go to a place where you will need a straw
  • You can ask people to help you get straws
  • You could ask your:
    – family
    – friend
    – carer
    – disability support provider.

For this factsheet and every project we work with, our Accessible Information team consumer test with people with lives experience to make sure it is truly accessible. For further information about Scope’s Accessible Information services head to our webpage.