James noticed Alan’s strengths and passions and has spent time helping him make his hobby become a successful furniture restoration business.

Alan and James set up shop in the backyard of his supported accommodation where Alan repurposes tired and worn pieces of furniture, restoring them lovingly to their former glory. “It makes me happy to do woodwork outside and I like it when I see the job finished,” says Alan.

Together they source reclaimed wood and donated furniture – the community in Bendigo has also really got behind Alan’s business, and people often ask for commission work, or donate their pre-loved furniture to the business. Alan sands, glues, lacquers and varnishes the pieces, making them almost new before selling them to eager customers.

At the moment Alan works on his woodworking business one day a week and it can be tough to get all of his work done! Alan is hoping that when the NDIS rolls out in his area that he can work on his furniture three to four days a week.

Alan’s business gives him the chance to make his own money, and spend it how he pleases giving him more independence. Up next – continuing to learn more about repurposing furniture, using new tools and making the business grow even more under his NDIS plan.