Common Myths about Speech Therapy

You may be surprised!

Myth #1: Speech Therapy is just about talking

Speech Therapy isn’t just about talking – it’s about the different ways people communicate. This can involve a broad array of tasks including verbal communication, language comprehension, sign language, or the use of communication aids. It’s also about working with someone to safely eat, drink and swallow their food.

Myth #2: Speech Therapy is boring!

We try to make speech therapy as person-centred and interactive as possible. With children in particular, we often use games, toys, apps and activities to get the best results.

Myth #3: Speech Therapy can only be done with a qualified Speech Therapist

With the guidance and support of a speech therapist, carers and family members can all use speech therapy activities to help a child or adult who needs support. In fact, we strongly encourage this!

Myth #4: Speech Therapy is about fixing problems

Speech Therapy, and any other type of therapy for that matter isn’t about ‘fixing.’ It’s about working with the individual to grow at their own pace to achieve their goals—this is with the support of not just a therapist but also the people around them.

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