After months of intensive training and preparation, a group of 14 people from Scope tackled the Melbourne Marathon.

This year, Ben Hill crossed the finish line at the Melbourne Marathon without the use of his wheelchair on the 10km course. Ben decided he would cross the finish line after he completed the 10km race in the Melbourne Marathon last year for the first time.

“Last year when I came through the finish line, I had the biggest, widest smile on my face. I felt so proud. I knew then that I wanted to cross the finish line this year on my own two feet,” says Ben.

Inspired by Ben, a group of 13 people at Scope, including people we support and staff from Scope ICON Lifestyle Options decided to also take part in this year’s event.

Volunteer organiser Neville Stone says that although marathon running initially began as an idea to encourage people living with disability to engage in active living, it has now become a window of empowerment and opportunity.

“In every single one of them, I’ve seen an unbelievable growth in their confidence and decision-making skills.

They’ve all developed a mindset where they believe they can achieve anything. They independently figure out what their goals are and they take the actions necessary to accomplish it. It’s a massive development. It’s truly incredible,” says Neville.

“It just goes to show that you don’t have to be an athlete to participate in marathon running,” says Ben.

“You just have to have the passion.”’

Melbourne Marathon

The team at Scope ICON Lifestyle Options taking part in the Melbourne Marathon

Header Image: Ben Hill crossing the finish line with Neville Stone.