Earlier this year I applied for a role with Scope. The role was for a group facilitator to Chair a pilot “Customer Reference Group”.  I have had some experience myself in running a small support group for young adults living with neuromuscular diseases and felt incredibly eager to apply.

The Customer Reference Group has been created in order to gain feedback on the services offered by Scope straight from its customers in a safe, comfortable environment. My role is comprised of leading discussion, recording data and reporting back to Scope.

Our first meeting occurred on Tuesday the 4th of April, it was a slightly wild start followed by 45 minutes of rapport-building conversation, sometimes regarding Scope – and sometimes not. The first meeting left me with a sense of eagerness to continue to grow and share as a group and to also become further acquainted with the members.

I am excited to be part of a project with Scope and I believe the Customer Reference Group will be an integral communication tool between Scope’s customers and the organisation.