Disability Royal Commission fifth public hearing continuing investigations on education

The Disability Royal Commission will hold the fifth public hearing in Brisbane in late March which will continue investigations into education.

The Disability Royal Commission will continue its investigation into education at the fifth public hearing held in Brisbane from 24 March to 27 March.

The Chair Ronald Sackville AO QC said the public hearing will explore the barriers in the education system to students with disability in accessing and obtaining a quality education.

‘This will be the Royal Commission’s fifth hearing, and the second with a focus on education.

‘We are continuing our investigation into education because of its obvious importance for the life experiences of children and adults with disability.

‘Over four days, we will hear from current and former students with disability about their experiences at a range of schools.

‘We also intend to hear from parents of children with disability, academic experts, advocates and the Queensland education department,’ Chair Sackville said.

The public hearing will explore a range of topics including:

  • The impact on students with disability of absences, suspension, exclusion or expulsion from school
  • The effectiveness of policies, procedures and practices designed to re-engage students with disability in the education system where they have experienced suspension, exclusion or expulsion
  • Provision of reasonable adjustments and supports, and barriers to making reasonable adjustments and supports available, for students with disability
  • Individualised planning for students with disability in schools
  • The use of restrictive practices against students with disability
  • Current educational qualification requirements for teachers relating to students with disability
  • Life course impacts, including transition to higher education and employment and mental health impacts.