Disability Royal Commission releases eighth issues paper on Restrictive practices.

The Disability Royal Commission latest issues paper looks at the use and impact of restrictive practices on people with disability.

The Royal Commission is wanting to know about the effects of restrictive practices on people with disability and understanding how laws, policy and practices around restrictive practices can be improved to better prevent and protect people with disability from violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation.

Restrictive practices are a key area of inquiry for the Royal Commission as it can be used across Australia, as a last resort, to prevent or protect people form harm. This includes a perceived risk of harm. This may include preventing or protecting an individual or others from behaviours referred to as ‘challenging behaviours’ or ‘behaviours of concern’.

Detailed information on the Restrictive practices Issues Paper and how to respond can be found on the Disability Royal Commission website.

A list of thirteen (13) questions is included to assist with the responses and to help people and organisations to provide responses. You do not have to answer every question.

The Royal Commission encourages responses to be submitted by 28 August 2020, however responses will also be accepted after this date.