Scope’s Lilydale Fab Lab is an inspiring environment for young people to collaborate and create. Students 8+ of all abilities are invited to the Fab Lab come and try mornings.

Learn how to solder and modify simple electronics, or learn basic computer programming skills.

When: Saturday 20 August & Saturday 3 September
Time: 10am – 12pm
Where: The Fab Lab, corner Castella and Jones Streets, Lilydale
Cost: $10 per student
RSVP: For more information and to register contact Mike McDermott via email at
Please note: Places are limited to 8 students per session. Students under the age of 16 need to be supervised by an adult.

More information about these sessions

July 30 – Toy Hacking

This session is for children with a disability. Participants are required to bring a simple toy to modify for switch accessibility.

  • Make battery operated devices more accessible
  • Learn to solder & modify simple electronics
  • Discuss the skills¬†needed to switch adapt toys and other devices in the future for personal use, work and fun
  • Learn how to open and identify the components inside a toy or basic electronic device
  • Understand the wiring of a toy from battery to switches to the activation of the device
  • Learn to solder and add an accessibility switch jack to an off-the-shelf toy.
  • Learn to describe the components required for a switch to work?
  • List three areas on the body that an individual with a disability can use to access an ability switch, without or with the appropriate mounting tools
  • Independently solder the toy or device and add a switch jack for accessibility for an individual with a disability

August 20 – Computer Programming and Electronic Bananas

  • Learn basic computer programming concepts using Tynker
  • Make simple games, animations and musical instruments on the computer
  • Use Makey Makey, a USB device to create custom physical interfaces from everyday objects
  • Use objects other than the keyboard and mouse to control the computer
  • Use Squishy Circuits to create circuits and explore electronics using play dough

There will be a Show-N-Tell at the end of each session to show off projects.