Follow the yellow brick road to Jenny’s garden

Imagine having a little patch of paradise just outside your bedroom window – a garden filled with your favourite things to wake up to and make you smile every morning.

Jenny O’Keefe has exactly that, with the help of her sister Anne and friend Juliana, and the staff at Scope Wheatley Road where Jenny lives.

As soon as you step into the garden, it’s clear to see The Wizard of Oz is her favourite movie, with a yellow brick road leading past Dorothy, the Scarecrow and the Tin Man to the Emerald City.

If you’re feeling inspired to set up a garden for yourself or someone you support, Jenny, Anne and Wheatley Road coordinator Marilou Churches have some helpful tips on how to do it – creatively and inexpensively!

  • Choose a theme – it will help you decide what to include, whether you love movies, animals, or a colour.
  • Make sure you have a plan for the garden before you begin.
  • Op shops and eBay have decorative bits and pieces that you can repaint and repurpose.
  • Try to use evergreen plants so the garden still has colour when there are no flowers.


Jenny’s garden.