Scope artists shine in Goldman Sachs virtual art auction

Beach Boxes - Barb Edis

Seven talented artists with a disability will sell their art at a virtual auction this month.

The multinational investment bank and financial services company Goldman Sachs celebrates Disability Awareness Month (USA only) in October. The Silent Art Auction will be held online from 12 to 30 October. Goldman Sachs employees from across Australasia will have the opportunity to bid on the artworks and learn about the artists.

Paul Story, a Scope customer participating in the auction said, “I enjoyed using different colours and adding strokes in all different directions in my piece. It made me feel very relaxed completing it.”

This is a great opportunity for people with disability to showcase their artistic talents and creative flair, while having choice and control over how their art is sold and for what price. The artists have set the reserve prices for their artworks and will receive all profits.

“Goldman Sachs is proud to provide a platform to some incredibly talented artists,”, shared Simon Rothery, CEO of Goldman Sachs Australia and New Zealand.

“The art pieces we will showcase through this auction are extraordinary and inspiring, proving that art has no limits” he added.

A virtual visual feast

Check out some of the artworks and read about the inspirations and techniques of the artists.

The Strokes – Paul Story









Paul loves to use various colours to express his emotions. His paintings communicate his feelings, and the environment he is in.

Paul says of this piece, “I enjoyed using different colours and adding strokes in all different directions in this piece. It made me feel very relaxed completing it”.

Beach Boxes – Barb Edis







Barb paints with a head pointer and the assistance of her friend, Marie. She treasures the special relationship they have, and credits Marie with enabling her to grow as an artist and express her creativity.

For Barb’s 63rd birthday she achieved her dream of holding her own art exhibition, titled Seasons.

Blue Bird – Judy Longhurst









Judy creates bright, colourful paintings and drawings.

She loves to work on art and craft projects and enjoys developing her skills at the weekly art workshops run by her local community centre in Hampton.

Trees in the Lake – Peter Callaghan







Peter has a passion for nature and likes painting sea and lake landscapes. He enjoys experimenting with colours and textures and is inspired by observing his surroundings.

Excitingly, this is the first time Peter has sold his artwork!