All parents want the best opportunities for their children. For Allison, mum of three children, she hoped these opportunities would be possible for all her children, including 9 year old Kade.

Kade has cerebral palsy and an intellectual disability. When diagnosed, Kade’s parents weren’t sure how he would be able to communicate and express himself as he grew.

“I sensed a withdrawal from Kade because he couldn’t express how he was feeling or what he wanted. He allowed us to make all of his decisions for him” said Allison.

For Kade, a communication book called a Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display (PODD) has given him the power to share his views, tell others how he feels and has given him a voice.

The PODD gives Kade choice and control. It has empowered him to make his own decisions, and has increased his self esteem.

“Now that he is able to communicate and tell us what he is thinking, it’s exciting to think where to from here” Allison said.

Last year we undertook a major pilot program, to make books like the PODD and other communication aids for children like Kade. Through the ‘KidsChat’ pilot we have identified an ongoing need to provide communication aids to children.

We estimate that over the next two years we will need to create at least 400 communication aids.

With the average communication aid costing around $600 to produce, we need your help to raise $300,000 and give children like Kade a voice.

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