Scope and Parks Victoria

This year Scope has commenced a partnership with Parks Victoria to work together to improve the accessibility of parks across the state.

This exciting pilot project aims to encourage visitors with a disability to share their experiences about park accessibility via a wiki application on the Parks Victoria website. 15 people that Scope support visited parks across Melbourne to review their level of access.

Feedback gathered from the people we support will be used by Parks Victoria to improve their capacity to provide parks that are inclusive for all members of the community, including those with a disability. Parks Victoria’s John Kenwright said, “The staff involved said it was just amazing to see how much the participants enjoyed being in the parks and seeing the spectacular views.

We had some individuals expressing their enjoyment by saying things like ‘that’s beautiful’ and some who enjoyed the experience by looking around and smiling. It was a lovely experience for everyone”. “Getting outdoors and connecting with nature in parks is important for people’s health and wellbeing.

Whether it’s having a picnic, taking in the stunning views along the coast or enjoying the native plants and animals, we want these opportunities to be available for everyone”. Scope’s CEO Dr. Jennifer Fitzgerald said, “The participants loved the experience of visiting different parks across Melbourne as part of this project. It was a great opportunity to get out into their communities and enjoy the nature and views that Melbourne has to offer”. This project is been supported by

Scope’s Community Inclusion team. The wiki project is part of a wider program to make Victoria’s parks more accessible to everyone.

For more information contact Parks Victoria at and visit the Accessibility and Inclusion page or call 13 1963