No Vacancy Gallery proved aptly named on April 28 as Jane Bell Lane came alive on the opening night of the 2016 Kaleidoscope Exhibition.

Art lovers packed the gallery in the heart of the city to take in 50 works produced as part of Scope’s Kaleidoscope art program.

Now in its eighth year, Kaleidoscope has grown from a relatively informal art competition to a program including almost 50 artists exhibiting their work.

Kaleidoscope artists receive tutoring and mentorship from professional artists throughout the year. Caroline Sant, who has recently shown her work at the ‘In Concert’ exhibition at Gertrude Contemporary with fellow Kaleidoscope artist Greg Muir, is constantly improving and establishing a strong following in the art world. “It was good, I love it and I’d like to do it again,” she said. “I got more confident, got to meet new people and increased my art skills.”

Scope CEO Jenny Fitzgerald and board members David Lloyd Jones and Rod O’Loan were part of the crowd on the opening night. Jenny discussed the Kaleidoscope program in her opening address. “It is a creative outlet for budding artists to be their best in an accessible and supportive environment, and a platform to showcase their art,” she said. “One of the key aspects of Kaleidoscope is its partnership with community arts organisations.  Our partnerships not only provide opportunities for skill development for people with a disability, but is another way Scope supports people to participate in their communities.” These partnerships are diverse – ranging from Scope art groups and community services to the Kaleidoscope mentorship program in partnership with Gertrude Contemporary.

Several artists sold work on the night, including paintings by Patti Rickards, Jeremy Lindhe, Angela Cuthbert, Barbara Edis, Vanya Metlenko, Rochelle Shortis, Cameron Syers, David Burman, Natalie Faux and Almon Peterson.

The exhibition runs until May 8, with registration for this year’s Kaleidoscope program to begin in the coming months.

Photo: Catherine Martin and Catherine Lengyel at the Kaleidoscope Exhibition at No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne. Catherine Martin is the Project Officer for the Telescope and Kaleidoscope programs. Catherine Lengyel is the General Manager of Scope’s North Division and State-wide Services.