National Volunteers Week

Here’s to our treasured volunteers!

Volunteering is a wonderful and rewarding way to give back to the community.

With National Volunteers Week drawing to a close, Scope would like to thank our generous and highly valued volunteers for all they do.

Lyn is one passionate person dedicating her time and effort to help people with disabilities.

Since joining the Syndal Lifestyle Options team in 2008, Lyn has brought “boundless energy, empathy and care” to the close-knit customers.

For three days each week, Lyn puts her hand up to assist with everything from outings, activities, washing dishes, gardening, cleaning and lunch time duties.

But it’s the chance to embrace her creative flair that Lyn is most grateful for.

“One of my favourite roles is to make a wacky costume for our special event days every month – the smiles and laughter it brings to everyone makes my heart sing,” Lyn said.

National Volunteers Week- 2

“I keep coming back because I just love the beautiful people and the team here.”

Of all her outrageous outfits, her recent Easter costume where she used an old beanbag as a chocolate egg remains her favourite.

Well-regarded among the team as someone whose enthusiasm is contagious, Lyn is always eager and excited to help out.

“Volunteering gives me a sense of purpose, belonging and identity – and it strengthens my ties to the local community,” she said.

“The warmth, joy and laughter I share with these beautiful people is a gift to me and hopefully makes a difference in their lives.”

Cathy Gauci, Syndal Lifestyle Options Coordinator, said Lyn’s contribution to the centre is invaluable.

“It would be a lot less vibrant without Lyn, she brings such energy and joy,” Cathy said.

“She makes us laugh and we adore her – she’s just such an uplifting person!”