Pain Awareness Project

Your invitation to participate.

Are you a support worker or parent/carer of an adult who lives in shared accommodation and is experiencing:

  1. a health condition associated with pain AND;
  2. a severe or profound level of intellectual disability as defined by having at least four of the five qualities below:
  • absence of speech
  • major sensory impairment (vision or hearing)
  • severe problems with movement
  • dependence on others to meet basic daily needs
  • apparent lack of engagement with the environment

If so, Scope invites you to participate in a Pain Awareness Project.

What does it involve?

The project involves learning how to identify and manage pain in people with intellectual disability. Participants will attend a 2.5 hour education session about pain and will trial a pain checklist. Three surveys will also be completed.

Participants will be recruited until August 2017.

Participation is voluntary and anonymous

Backfill will be provided for support worker participation.

Parents/carers will receive a $30 voucher.

Further information

If you would like to see a description of the project or have any queries please contact Scope’s Research team on (03) 9843 3000 or email