Practice makes perfect for Nancy

Ask an artist for their advice on how to improve your drawing or painting, and there’s a good chance they will tell you that regular practice is the key.

Well, Nancy Petrone’s habit of drawing every day after lunch has paid off with her winning the International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ISAAC) Australia’s ‘AACess All Areas’ Multimedia Competition last year.

Entrants were asked to submit a piece that demonstrated what AAC means to them. Nancy chose to paint elephants because they symbolise good luck, which is just like her Lightwriter communication device and what it means to her.

Speech Pathologist Laura Roberts works with Nancy and supported her to enter the comp, knowing that Nancy had never won anything before and was very keen to!

Nancy won a $100 gift voucher, which she used to buy a stereo for some musical accompaniment to her drawing practice.

Nancy started drawing three years ago after her retirement, and says it makes her feel happy and relaxed.

She has also participated in Scope’s inclusive visual arts initiative Kaleidoscope many times as part of her creative development. The Kaleidoscope program provides pathways for arts engagement and cultural inclusion – read more about the annual exhibition here.

Laura with Nancy and the stereo she bought with her voucher.

Feature image: Nancy with her winning painting.