All Public Transport Victoria (PTV) Hubs have been awarded the Communication Access Symbol. The hubs are located at 750 Collins St Docklands, Southern Cross Station, Bendigo Marketplace, and Westfield Shopping Centre Geelong. The symbol has been achieved with the support of Scope’s Communication and Inclusion Resource Centre.
When you see the Communication Access Symbol at these hubs, it means that:

  • PTV staff have been trained to understand how different people communicate, including people with communication difficulties
  • Communication tools are available for customers with communication difficulties and staff to help with communication
  • Brochures and other written information is available in easy to read formats

At every PTV Hub, you will see this sign:

ptv hub

You can point to this sign to let staff know you’d like to use the PTV Hub communication boards to help get your message across. Staff will then show you the boards they have to support effective communication.

To find out more information about the communication access symbol at PTV hubs, head to the PTV website.