Royal Commission releases seventh issues paper focusing on Employment

The Disability Royal Commission has released a seventh issues paper exploring Employment. They are interested to understand the experiences of people with disability in employment.

This issues paper relates to:

  • Receiving and income, including through paid work, independent contracting, self-employment and apprenticeships
  • Segregated employment settings
  • Community based enterprises in First Nation communities

People with disability can face barriers to employment that may prevent financial independence and other benefits associated with work, including dignity, a sense of purpose and social connectedness.

The Royal Commission invites information and discussion from the public on how the Royal Commission should look at employment as it relates to people with disability, including key issues and examples of good practice. We welcome information on the experiences of people with disability participating in employment.

Of particular interest to the DRC is understanding how key transition points, such as leaving school, entering the workforce, changing jobs or retiring, can influence the ongoing participation of people with disability in employment, and the impacts this has on other areas and stages of life.

A list of eleven (11) questions is included to assist with the responses and to help people and organisations to provide responses. You do not have to answer every question.

The Royal Commission encourages responses to be submitted by 14 August 2020, however responses will also be accepted after this date.

Detailed information on the Emergency Planning and Response Issues Paper and how to respond can be found on the Disability Royal Commission website.