Scope Annual Customer Experience (SACX) Study 2018 – Early Years

Welcome to Scope’s Annual Customer Experience Study

Each year we speak to therapy customers to find out how we are doing and how we can do things better.

If your child has had at least five hours of contact with a Scope therapist, you will be invited to participate in the study. We strongly encourage your participation, listening to you helps us to understand your needs and gives us the information we need to improve our services we provide.

 What happens?

If you have been invited to participate, you will be called by an independent research organisation on behalf of Scope and asked to take part. This call will take place between early June and mid-July 2018, and will take around 10 minutes.

Opting out

You have the choice to opt out at the start of the call. If you prefer not to be invited at all, let your therapist know or opt out online by 28 May 2018 here.

 Need help communicating?

If you need any help communicating (for example, you require communication aids or an interpreter), please let your therapist know by 28 May 2018.

 How we’ll use your feedback

We respect the privacy of our customers. We will store all responses in a secure digital platform and they will only be used for the purpose of continuous improvement. No personally identifiable information connected to the responses will be shared except where our customer has asked us to follow up on their feedback. For more information please refer to our online privacy statement