Scope helps shape Research to Action Guide by NDS

Scope together with Melbourne University, University of Western Sydney, Sydney University,  and The Centre for Applied Disability Research (CADR) have published a Research to Action Guide. This guide is designed to assist people and organisations prepare accessible written information, particularly for people with intellectual disability. This will contribute to the ability of people with intellectual disability to exercise their right to make informed choices, and in turn maximise their potential to live independently and participate fully in all aspects of community life.

Scope has contributed to a suite of resources produced for CADR on this topic. The suite includes a Rapid Review of the Literature that gives guidance on how to make written information resources as accessible as possible for people with intellectual disability. The Rapid Review provides a full listing of references informing this Good Practice Summary.

The Research to Action Guide is available for download from the CADR website.

This project is a result of the partnership between Scope and the University of Melbourne to drive research to benefit people with a disability. The research was led by Prof Keith McVilly, who leads the partnership

The CADR is an initiative of National Disability Services (NDS).