Scope launches a new e-learning course about disability inclusion

Scope’s Education service is a leading provider of disability awareness training. Our team of experienced educators develop and deliver high quality training to corporate and community organisations to make our world more inclusive and accessible.

With years of hard work, Scope’s e-learning module on disability awareness training captures the essence of our face-to-face training, but in an e-learning format.

Like all of Scope’s training, our e-learning module has been designed and presented by people living with disability! Your staff, volunteers and members will hear their real-life stories. They will also participate in a range of interactive, thought-provoking activities to gain a first-hand experience of disability.

Core learning outcomes include:
  • Challenging myths and stereotypes often linked to people with a disability.
  • Learning from people who have a range of disabilities.
  • Using appropriate language and behaviour to create welcoming environments.
  • Understanding how to make “Reasonable Adjustments” to meet legal obligations.
  • Access to further information and resources.

Find out more about the new e-learning module here:

To know more about this module or to get a demo, please contact us here.