Scope seeks urgent vaccine rollout for people with disability

Scope is concerned about the delays in rolling out the COVID-19 vaccine to people with disability living in residential accommodation.

This group was prioritised for COVID-19 vaccine rollout as part of Phase 1a but to date there has been no indication for when this will take place.

Scope supports 1,250 people living in specialist disability accommodation across Victoria.

In readiness for the vaccine, we have completed all administrative requirements and ensured our customers have been kept informed about the vaccine.

The delayed rollout is creating uncertainty and anxiety for the people we support.

The flu season introduces further complications and risks, as we must allow for a 14 day gap between the COVID-19 and flu vaccines.

Additionally, there are different intervals between doses for the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccine and we are yet to know which of the vaccines will be administered to our customers. That makes planning for both COVID-19 and influenza vaccines even more difficult.

Having a clear picture of the timing for the rollout at Scope, and the type of vaccine to be administered, will be enormously helpful in addressing the issues we have outlined above.

Scope responded quickly to the escalating pandemic over the last year. Through the implementation of our pandemic plan, we have been able to support all our customers to stay safe. In particular, we supported our residential customers by practicing social distancing and isolating at home in line with Government restrictions.

Access to the vaccine will enable people with disability to participate and engage in the wider community with confidence.

Quotes from the above statement can be attributed to Scope CEO Dr Jennifer Fitzgerald.


About Scope

At Scope, we see the person. Our mission is to enable each person to live as an empowered and equal citizen.

We are one of Australia’s leading providers of support services for adults and children with disabilities, autism or developmental delays. We work with corporate and community organisations to create a more inclusive society for people with a disability.

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