Scope’s 2017 Annual Awards

Here are the winners!

Our 2017 Annual Awards were held at Melbourne Park on Wednesday November 15, and the event was a resounding success with over 450 people we support, staff, and community members there to celebrate the achievements of individuals and teams over the past year.

Lisa Ho from Scope’s Communication Access team was the MC for the event. Attendees were also treated to videos showcasing some of Scope’s achievements over the last year. These included the music program with Scope Chelsea Lifestyle Options, the launch of our Education team’s new e-learning module and the Bannockburn Community Connections Program.

Congratulations to all the winners.

Lisa Ho, MC.

Staff Awards

Staff See The Person Award

Winner: Mieke Van Pelt, Coordinator, East Division.
Mieke has been a coordinator at Scope for just over 18 months, and has taken on the values within the Scope Approach with people we support and staff alike. Mieke encourages an environment where staff undertake tasks with people we support wherever possible, rather than for them.

Staff Do It Together Award, joint winners

Winner: Annie Loughens, Education Team & Disability Support Worker, North & West Divisions.
Annie is an employee of Scope who uses her role in the education team
to enhance the lives of people with a disability, as well as in her role as
a support worker.
Winner: Knox Project Team, East & Central Divisions.
The Knox Redevelopment Project saw Scope undertake one of its largest change projects in years. The project team showed a commitment and dedication, not just to transitioning facilities but to the outcome for every single person whose life was changed in some way as a result of this project.

Staff Do It Right Award

Winner: Talia Moutsos, Coordinator, South Division.
Talia has proven herself as someone who will go above and beyond for her team. She is passionate, confident, hardworking, and always looking for ways Scope can make a true difference to the lives of people we support.

Staff Do It Better Award

Winner: Bernie Goulding, OHS Manager, Central.
Bernie Goulding has played a very significant role in revolutionising the organisation’s approach to OHS. Bernie has led the development of an OHS strategy and action plan that is practical, innovative and achievable.

Staff Debbie Otto Award

Winner: Karen Bloomberg, Speech Pathologist, CIRC, North Division.
Karen is an international leader in the area of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and has been involved in pioneering various initiatives to support adults and children with complex communication needs.

Mieke Van Pelt, winner of the staff See The Person Award with Dr. Jennifer Fitzgerald.

Community Awards

Community See the Person Award

Winner: Miss Polly Café Team, East Division.
The staff at Miss Polly in Mitcham provide a friendly, welcoming and inclusive environment for the people we support.

Community Do It Together Award

Winner: Susan Gooding, Mordialloc Neighbourhood House, South Division.
Susan Gooding runs the Friday sewing group at the Mordialloc Neighborhood house and Lorraine, supported by Scope through Individual Support raves about the program. Lorraine feels very included and part of the team. Susan leads the group to be approachable, welcoming and non-judgmental.

Community Do It Right Award

Winner: Lions Club of Wantirna, East Division.
The Lions Club of Wantirna ‘adopted’ a Scope site in Bayswater – Scope James Street – very shortly after it opened and has provided volunteers and materials to maintain the gardens and grounds, as well as minor
maintenance work to the site, for five years.

Community Do it Better Award

Winner: Andrea Vincent, Notagym, South Division.
Andrea, a Personal Trainer, began running a program for kids with cerebral palsy in 2014, and her work to improve and make classes more accessible to people with a disability has grown from there.

Lions Club of Wantirna, winner
of the Community Do It Right Award with Dr. Jennifer Fitzgerald.

Customer Awards

Customer Young Leader Award

Winner: Carla Valeri, South Division.
Carla has been an active and engaged participant in Active and Awesome, a program run through Scope’s South Division and funded through a philanthropic grant.

Customer Leader Award

Winner: Charlie Welch, East Division.
Charlie takes the wellbeing of others very seriously, often taking the time to sit and chat with individuals who are non-verbal and looking for ways to help out those who she sees are less well off than herself.

Customer Team Award, joint winners

Winner: Skull Fork Rock Band, South Division.
Skull Fork is the rock band from Scope Bass Coast Life Choices which is made up of a team of Scope customers from the Bass Coast area who are interested in music. All members get to participate according to their interests and are actively supported to do so.
Winner: Sugar Bells Band, West Division.
The Sugar Bells Band perform together as a tight team and play at a variety of venues and functions and help by promoting Scope services. They also share instruments and songs with local kinders in Ballarat,
giving kids the opportunity to use microphones and instruments.

Charlie Welch, winner of the Customer Leader Award (centre) with Dr. Jennifer Fitzgerald (left) and the Assistant Minister for Social Services and Disability Services, the Hon. Jane Prentice.

Kaleidoscope Art Program

First Prize

Lynn Sturgess – Sky Scape

Second Prize

Rosie Anderson – Three Little Birds

Third Prize

Denis Ward – Self-Portrait in Wheelchair

Scope Service Awards

Recognising Scope’s long-serving staff members

40 Years
35 Years
Hilary Johnson Louise Dunn
30 Years
25 Years
Jeanette Fletcher
Kaye MacKay
Lisa Smith

Carol Booker
Ann Donaldson
Susan Fowler
Suzanne Langford
Karyn Mitchell
Graziella Nadalin
Marie Neeamuthkhan

20 Years
15 Years
Rachel Campbell
Geoffrey Chambers
Marilou Churches
Helen Dean
Susan Gange
Janette Gillespie
Sarah Howard
Daffyd Knox
Lisa McNamara
Shani Muller
Claudia Ness
Josh Pontin
Elise Rizzo
Kylie Scanlon
David Singleton
Terry Boromeo
Karen Bowtell
Nicole Coulthard
Christine Davy
Glenda Dean
Rosie Devon
Mark Gallagher
Dora Germano
Carmen Johnston
Katie Lyon
Joyce Mearns
Sally Rainey
Peter Runting
Muditha Samarasekera
Lyn Tatt
Van Vien
Jocelyn Walker
Sue Wells
Yvonne White
Christine Williams


Dr. Jennifer Fitzgerald and Louise Dunne, recipient of the 35 Years of Service Award.

Feature Image: Denis Ward, winner of Kaleidoscope 3rd prize with Shadow Minister for Disability and Carers Senator Carol Brown.