Speech Pathology Week raises awareness for people in our community with a who may have difficulty communicating, using language, eating and swallowing.

Scope currently employs 75 Speech Pathologists (also known as Speech Therapists) who primarily work with children and their families. Some also work with adults. We provide speech therapy services  all across Victoria, and also have a specialised Communication Inclusion and Resource Centre (CIRC) that focuses on community education, communication access, and resources for people with communication needs.

Why might I or a person I support need the help of a Speech Therapist?

  • To speak your mind
  • To tell people what you want and need
  • To work out what others are saying
  • To improve the way you pronounce words, sounds or sentences
  • To improve your reading and thinking skills
  • To ensure you can safely chew and swallow food and drink

What Speech Therapy services do Scope provide?

  • Assessments of child development in the areas of communication, language and literacy
  • Family-centred practice focusing on child development
  • Use of innovative technologies and resources for communication
  • Assessment for safe eating and swallowing

What outcomes can I expect to experience as a result of working with a Speech Therapist?

For children and families, the focus is on:

  • learning to recognise and use sounds, words and gestures to communicate
  • safe eating and drinking
  • understanding and using language
  • learning to read using pictures, words and other activities

For adults, the focus is to:

  • Creating an individualized way of communicating which is easy for others to understand
  • Ensure the individual can safely eat and drink the things they enjoy


Follow this link to find out more about Scope’s therapy services.

Download the Easy English information about Speech Therapy here.