Tamara’s life changes with the support of the NDIS

Tamara is now enjoying more individualised activities and is more involved in her community.

Tamara accesses Scope services for short term accommodation and along with her parents, Gwenda and Laurie has been through the journey of making a plan with the NDIS work. Through her plan, Tamara is now able to be more involved in her community, and enjoy more individualised day to day activities that suit her needs.

In order to help other people who are new to the NDIS and may be feeling a bit apprehensive, Tamara has kindly shared some of her insights and great words of advice from her recent experiences with planning and living life with the NDIS.

Tamara is now able to take part in more of her chosen activities and is able to have more choice and control over when and where she spends her time.

Since having an NDIS plan, Tamara can go swimming every week, which is beneficial to her health. She has a lot more opportunity to spend time in the community as her funding pays for the support she requires. She is able to travel more (after a request for more from the NDIS was deemed reasonable and necessary). Tamara’s short term accommodation is fully funded and she and her family now have adequate in home support which they did not have before the NDIS.

Tamara says she was initially nervous about her transition into the NDIS. It took a while, but after some hard work, from her parents and supports, Tamara was able to get a plan that fit her needs.

Tamara has some great advice for people who are about to transition onto the NDIS:

  • Make sure you ask for a face to face meeting when you are called by the NDIA.
  • Make sure you have a strong and knowledgeable support worker to help you.
  • Prepare as much information as possible about what supports you currently have.
  • Make sure you ask for exactly what you are missing in your life. Do not forget your equipment, it is a necessity.
  • Make sure that you ask for and are allocated enough funding so that you do not become worse off and also enough to cover the gaps in the pre NDIS funding.
  • If you are not happy with your first NDIS plan, you have 12 months to appeal. If you want to appeal make sure you do it straight away or as soon as you can.

Tamara’s Goals:

  • Improve communication.
  • Adequate care in home for personal care, “My family also needed more help in the home for me which I now have due to extra funding that the NDIS allocated me.”
  • Access to suitable recreational and social activities.
  • To work towards greater independent living skills, and a new wheelchair.

Photo: Tamara enjoying a ride on an ability swing.