Telescope ‘Tell Your Story’ program

An online writing program for people of all abilities.

Are you interested in being part of an online writing program?

In 2020, we are offering a new online writing program that will support you to:

• Share your reading and writing experiences with others
• Explore ideas and get them out there
• Work with an experienced facilitator
• Develop skills and access resources

Register your interest

To register your interest, email and let us know you would like to participate in the program. Please include the following details:

• Full name
• Address – tell us if you live independently, with your family or in supported accommodation [please tell us if you live in a Scope or non-Scope house]
• Phone number
• Email address
• Special considerations [e.g. do you have a communication difficulty or need a support person to assist you, do we need to speak to your support person to help you register for the program]
• What sort of device will you be using? [e.g. iPad, computer, smart TV]
• Briefly tell us why you wish to participate [optional]

How much does the program cost?

Once you have registered your interest in participating, we will contact you to discuss the cost. We need your best contact details, either an email address or phone number. Some of you have already paid for 2020 Community Inclusion Services using your NDIS funding, so you will be able to join the Telescope program. For everyone else, we can discuss all other available options with you so that you can participate.

What happens once I am registered?

You will be emailed a website address to access the videos and resources. There are five online session videos for you to watch. You can work through these sessions at your own pace. Each session has ‘Tell Your Story’ resources attached. These may be pictures, instructions or templates. You can download these and print them out if you wish. These resources will help you to create your own work. Watch each video and complete each section before moving to the next section.

You can use some of the facilitator’s tips and resources to create one new story or many stories. You may wish to continue to work on a story you have been working on for a long time – the choice is yours. Remember to save any work you do on your device or store your work in a safe place.

If you have any questions, or need assistance with the instructions please email Manny on You can also arrange a 40 minute 1:1 virtual conference session with Manny to discuss the progress of your work. This meeting can happen at any time during the program [Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday between 9am to 4.30pm] Email Manny to make a time

How do I set up a conference meeting with Manny?

Manny will use the Zoom app and will email you a link and password once times have been agreed upon. Details on how to use Zoom will be included in your resources.

Can I share my story with others?

Absolutely! You can share it with your friends and family members. You may wish to enter it into the Community Inclusion Services Telescope Reading and Awards competition. There is also a possibility your piece could be performed at the Telescope Readings event as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival supported by City of Melbourne.

How do I enter my story into the Telescope Reading and Awards?

Email and ask for a Telescope Readings and Awards registration form or download it from the online Telescope resources list. Complete the form and attach your completed piece and email to Manny at
For stories that have chapters, please choose a section of your story that you think the reader will enjoy [about 5 minutes long]. Your piece will be entered into the competition under one of the following categories:

• Fiction
• Non-fiction
• Poetry
• Illustrated text
• Group award
• Young writer’s award [up to 17 years of any category]

Who can enter?

Any people with lived experience of disability or mental health issues can enter. Anyone can enter if they are aged 10 and over.

Entries close 9th October 2020, and entries will also be considered for entry to be part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival “Tell Your Story” event.

Telescope Program Entry Form