Scope therapists provide the building blocks for your child’s development, but it’s with your support that your child can really thrive. Here are some handy tips for how you can help them in and around the home to build their skills and confidence:

  • Read a story. Ask your child “What will happen next?” before you turn the page
  • When teaching your child a new skill, break it down into smaller steps. Show and tell your child the instructions
  • Stick a piece of paper on the wall for drawing and writing. This is great for developing the shoulder muscles, which help support the hand for writing
  • Find a balancing plank at your local park. Ask your child to walk sideways, forwards and backwards. Step over and pick up objects placed on the plank.
  • Explore outside. Talk about what you can see, hear, touch and smell – but you probably won’t want to do any tasting!
  • Help your child learn to identify emotions. When watching a movie, pause and ask your child to tell you how the characters are feeling.

These tips have been developed by Scope therapists. To find out more about our Early Years and School Aged therapy services, call 1300 472 673 or visit the Early Years and Kids and Teens pages on our website.