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Try our latest communication aid app today.

Tools2Talk+ is a brand new app for the iPad just released from Scope’s Communication and Inclusion Resource Centre (CIRC).

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Tools2Talk+ allows users to make their own customised communication aids. The aids can then either be printed, emailed in PDF or used on screen with speech.

Create your own customised communication aids.
Create your own customised communication aids.

There are  over 90 different page layouts available, including 81 standard grids and 14 customised templates. Users can develop  aids such as timetables, communication books and calendars.

The app includes over 20,000 Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) and over 1,500 Compic symbols. You can also use unlimited photos from your iPad gallery or camera.

You can personalise your communication aids with fully adaptable borders (thickness, colour, roundness of edge), font (font type, font size, position in cell), cell background colour and more. You can also use chat mode to add basic iOS speech to your communication aids.

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The communication aids are fully adaptable.

This app will be of particular interest to family members who have not had previous  access to symbol libraries and photos on a mobile device. It also provides some great ideas as to how to develop some of these communication aids via the in-built support guide.

Therapists and educators will also love the flexibility and efficiencies that Tools2Talk+ provides. You can undo and redo to fix mistakes quickly, edit multiple cells at the one time, and change the board configuration when you are in Edit Mode without starting again.

To download Tools2Talk+ today visit the iTunes store.

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