Who makes the decisions in your life?

Many people take the multitude of decisions – from seemingly small, to life changing – that they make every day for granted.

People with disability have the right to exercise their capacity to make decisions in the same way as people without disability. However, systems and society make it difficult for people with a disability to exercise their rights. But is this fair?

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We invite you to an event which features a keynote address from the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Commissioner, Dr Ben Gauntlett, on the tension that exists between Human Rights, the Law in Australia on decision-making, and how this plays out in practice.

Dr Gauntlett is a passionate and engaging speaker with the ability to connect with a diverse audience and translate what can often be complex terms, into a language that resonates with all.

Dr Gauntlett’s address will be followed by a panel discussion featuring Dr John Chesterman, Victorian Deputy Public Advocate, Ms Heather Forsyth, Community Development Worker, VALID, and Dr Jennifer Fitzgerald, CEO, Scope Australia.

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