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21 Dec 2015

Telescope Winners Announced

On Tuesday 15 December, Scope in conjunction with Melbourne Library Service (MLS) presented the winners of the 2015 Telescope Writing Competition.

7 Dec 2015

NDS 2015 Report Released

The NDS launched the NDS State of the Disability Sector 2015 report. It outlines the state of the sector, and key concerns with the launch of the NDIS.

4 Dec 2015

Celebrating inclusion, access and integrity

international day of people with disability, IDPWD, scope

26 Nov 2015

International Day of People with Disability

international day of people with disability scope IDPWD

23 Nov 2015

Key Word Sign App

The app has been designed for anyone supporting children, adolescents and /or adults who use Key Word Sign, based on the Key Word Sign Australia vocabulary.

16 Nov 2015

Know Your Rights

29 Oct 2015

ASID Workshops

16 Sep 2015

NDIS rollout in Victoria

4 Aug 2015

Scope and the University of Melbourne to drive research to benefit people with a disability

24 Jul 2015

Scope wins Victorian Disability Sector Lifetime Achievement Award