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Today Scope celebrates International Day of People with Disability by acknowledging the resilience, power and achievements of our people. This year's theme asks everyone to work together to make the world better and fairer for people with disability.

This resonates deeply with Scope’s values, urging us to amplify inclusivity and advocate for an equal, equitable and diverse society that enables everyone to live their dreams.

Today is also a celebration of the incredible people who create positive change daily. As we mark 75 years of service, we acknowledge our rich legacy and look towards a future of greater innovation and inclusion.

At Scope, we remain steadfast in our commitment to creating meaningful and impactful change to better the lives of our clients, their families and our community. Happy International Day of People with Disability to the remarkable people who shape our past, present, and future!

Inclusion Community

The value-add of diversity

Managing an impressive career, motherhood, leadership and advocacy is no easy feat. But Dr Sarah Anderson, one of Scope’s Board members, takes it all in her stride. And as a woman with a disability, she isn’t just challenging the status quo – she’s rewriting it.

Sarah Anderson