Disability Engagement E-Learning moduleE-Learning with Scope to make a real difference!

Take a willing participant, add a computer, and 45 minutes of time. Combine a unique mix of storytelling, discussion, and interactive activities; and what do you get? A Disability engagement e-learning module like no other!

Scope’s Education service is a leading provider of disability awareness training. Our team of experienced educators has worked for over 15 years to develop and deliver high quality training to corporate and community organisations.

Years in the making, Scope’s e-learning module has been created with the needs of new and existing customers in mind. This product captures the essence of our face to face training.

Like all of Scope’s training, our e-learning module has been designed and presented by people living with disability! Your staff, volunteers and members will hear their real-life stories. They will also participate in a range of interactive, thought-provoking activities to gain a first-hand experience of disability.

Our aim is to break down the barriers to include people with a disability resulting in meaningful outcomes for your organisation.

Participants develop the confidence and skills to interact positively with all people; paving the way for your organisation to be a leader in creating a more inclusive, accepting and welcoming community for all people.

The Scope Education Team is committed to delivering high quality, professional training.

Core learning outcomes include:

  • Challenging myths and stereotypes often linked to people with a disability.
  • Learning from people who have a range of disabilities.
  • Using appropriate language and behaviour to create welcoming environments.
  • Understanding how to make “Reasonable Adjustments” to meet legal obligations.
  • Access to further information and resources.
Communication is how we connect
 as people, it makes us feel valued,
 and we all have something to say.
 - Carmen

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