Flexible Support Packages

The aim of Early Childhood Intervention Support Flexible Support Packages (ECIS FSP) is to improve the lives of children from birth to school entry with a disability or developmental delay and their families through the delivery of short-term assistance.

The purpose of the program is to build the capacity of families to respond to the child’s current unmet additional needs by:

  • supporting the provision of opportunities that address the current learning, development and wellbeing needs of the child
  • minimising physical and psycho-social risks to the child, family and others
  • assisting with a child’s functionality and mobility to promote greater participation in family and community life.

The packages are designed to support children with disabilities or developmental delay and aim to support the implementation of the Family Service and Support Plan (FSSP), developed as part of their State funded Early Childhood Intervention Service delivery.

ECIS Flexible Support Packages are provided using a family-centred approach, which recognises that families have the skills, strength and ability to identify their own needs and work towards bringing positive change into their lives.

For more information on ECIS Flexible Support Packages, the eligibility criteria and the application process, see the Victorian Government education page.