Individual Support Package facilitation

Get the most out of your Individual Support Package (ISP) with Scope's facilitation service.

The funding you receive through your ISP can be used to draw on a range of Scope services. Speak to us about tailoring a package to meet your needs.

What is an Individual Support Package?

An ISP provides you with funding to access the disability services that you need.

Use your ISP to pay for disability services that support you to achieve your personal goals.

To receive your ISP you must submit a proposal to the Department Human Services, who funds the program. Scope can support you to create your individual proposal.

Find out more about ISP funding.

What is Individual Support Package facilitation? 

Scope’s provides ISP facilitation to help you plan, implement and review your ISP – at no cost to you.

We work with you to ensure your needs, interests and goals are met by your ISP.

The role of the facilitator is to provide you with advice and guidance. We support you to explore the range of services and options available to you when planning and writing your ISP funding proposal.

Often we involve your family and carers in the planning process to help you make important decisions. Together, we can help you access the support you need.

How we help

Scope’s ISP facilitators support you through the process of deciding:

  • The best provider of support services
  • How the support is provided
  • How often you receive support

How can I access Individual Support Package services? 

Only those living in the Hume region or Melbourne’s eastern suburbs can access Scope ISP facilitators.

The process is straightforward and requires you to do the following:

  1. Apply for ISP funding with the Department of Human Services (DHS) 
  2. Request a referral for Scope’s ISP facilitation service from DHS
  3. Contact Scope to organise an appointment with an ISP facilitator

Contact Us 

Scope Eastern Region ISP Facilitation Team

Phone: (03) 9902 1040


Scope Hume Region ISP Facilitation Team

Phone: (03) 5762 7121