Playing to learn:

Believe it or not – fun and games for children are the essential building blocks for learning. We use therapeutic play to help your child learn about the world around them.

Get dressed, use the loo:

Little people need help to become independent in personal care. We can help your child become better at doing every day things like using the toilet, brushing teeth or just putting on socks.

Draw, build, cut, paste & create:

At Kinder and school, children are expected to produce paintings, make mother’s day cards or just make stuff out of playdough. We can help your child develop these ‘fine motor skills’ they need for kinder and school.

Understanding my senses:

Some children have trouble coping with loud noises, or have sensitivities to touch, smells and certain types of food. We have many different techniques, strategies, ideas and activities that can make a big difference.