Quiz – Answer 4

Do you have easy to read signage or displays that people know what service your business provides?

Can you see the name of the business or service from the front of the building? Are there items or displays in the window (if applicable)?

Do you place service desks, signs and items at eye level where customers who use wheelchairs and scooters can see and point to them? Not everyone is able to see over a tall counter top or display. Can every person get to or point to what they want?

Is your shop or service large enough that it could benefit from a map to help people find their way around?

Are there signs in your business to help people find things such as; toilets, exits, public telephones, information desks or where to pay?

Are signs in your business big enough with easy to read text e.g. contrasting colours?

For example, the signs for men’s and women’s toilets have the commonly used symbols for male and female as well as the words ‘male’ and ‘female’

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