Early Years

Specialist Children’s Therapy

Every child develops at their own pace, but if you or your doctor has noticed your child missing key milestones, they can benefit from support through early childhood intervention.

At Scope, it is important for us to understand your child’s needs and goals. Our early childhood therapy services are designed to enable your child’s development such as improved communication skills, social relationships, and functional behaviours.

Our therapists will also support your child in preparing for the next stage of life, whether that is child care, kindergarten, or school.

Through early childhood therapy services kids can even enter school alongside their peers with little or no extra support.

Our Approach

No two kids have the same needs. Our coordinated approach is designed to put together a package that suits your child’s particular needs, including working with your network of healthcare professional, child care staff, family members, and others.

As part of our coordinated approach, a key worker will be appointed to be your main point of contact, who will help coordinate delivery of services by managing links within your team.

Scope Therapy Services

Physiotherapy: Our physiotherapists help kids reach their physical goals. Fun activities such as games are used to build strength and help with movement. Your physiotherapist will use play and other activities to help your child feel more independent and confident. While there’s a bit of hard work involved, your physio will make sure there’s lots of fun along the way.

Occupational therapy: Everyday activities can be tough but your Occupational Therapist (OT) is here to help. Your child and their OT will spend time playing games and doing things together to work on building skills. They’ll practice using their senses such as touch, balance and what way is up! Other fun activities will help your child with skills like holding a pencil, turning a page, pressing buttons on a touchscreen or keyboard, doing up buttons, cutting up food (and eating it) and much more.  We’d love for you and your family to part of the fun so come along and join in!

Speech therapy: Trust is an important part of communication so spending time having fun and getting to know each other is all part of the therapy. Your therapist has a number of tools available and your child will enjoy trying them out and figuring out which is the right fit for them. Tools include visual cues, sign language, speech and other technology. Let’s help your child make the most of their abilities.

Psychology: Your psychologist will be right there to help your child work through their emotions. They’ll help them understand what all those feelings mean and how they can let them out. Sessions with the psychologist are both fun and helpful. Games and activities are at the top of the list to help your child develop lots of skills. These skills will come in handy in many different parts of your child’s life.