Talking and communicating:

We may be able to help your child talk in words or sentences. If your child isn’t talking we’ll help them to communicate their needs, wants and frustrations. This may include using technology, visual (picture) displays or even sign language.

Learning and Understanding:

A big part of learning to communicate is about understanding language. We’ll work on this vital building block of your child’s development.

Using Sign language:

If sign language is a good idea, we can work with you and your child to learn Auslan.

Reading and Comprehension:

Exploring books and other activities, our speechies may help to develop your child’s early literacy skills.

Eating and Swallowing:

Sometimes children need specialised support to be able to safely eat and swallow. We have therapists who can help you work out the safest and most effective ideas to help your child develop these important skills.

Jack Finds His Voice

Scope speech therapy has helped Jack find his voice and build his communication skills.

Jack was diagnosed with autism, and had little verbal communication.

Thanks to his Scope therapist’s strategies, he is now able to communicate and is achieving his goals.