Sports, arts and social activities

Do you like to play sport?
Perhaps you are an aspiring artist or writer?

No matter what your passion is, we can help you join activities that interest you.

We believe that it is important for individuals to participate in their community.

At Scope, we want you to be able to take part in activities that challenge and inspire you. We partner with a range of community groups, services and businesses to create new and exciting opportunities.

If you want to be active, artistic, or just love being social, Scope are here to make it happen. We can support you to take part in a range of  sports, arts and social activities that are in your local community or organised by Scope.


Balloon Football League and Scope logo

Balloon Football League

Balloon Football League (BFL) is a version of AFL that has been modified to suit the needs of people with a disability. Developed in 1995 by three men with a disability, BFL is today played by over 200 people across Victoria.

BFL is played using wheelchairs and a giant balloon on a basketball court. We play in teams of five and are always looking for new players and volunteers.

At Balloon Football you can:

  • Get fit and learn new skills
  • Make new friends
  • Be part of a team in a competitive league
  • Take on leadership roles and connect to your local community

Balloon Football is played across Victoria throughout the footy season. Here’s a short video about Balloon Football League –

Children’s Balloon Football League

Scope is partnering with AFL Victoria and Nazareth College to pilot a BFL Auskick program for children with a disability. This is a great way for your child or student to have fun, make friends and develop their skills is a fun and supportive environment.

Switch Cricket

Switch Cricket is a version of cricket that everyone can play. We use equipment that has been specifically designed to enable people with limited movement to bat and bowl.

  • At Switch Cricket you can:
  • Learn a new sport
  • Be part of a team
  • Make new friends and connect your local sports community

Switch Cricket is played indoors across Victoria throughout the summer season.

Children’s Multi-Sports

Scope offers children’s Multi-Sports days across Victoria. These events are designed for children with physical and multiple disabilities and cover Balloon Football, Switch Cricket and basic team skills.

Multi-Sports is a great way for kids to try new sports, learn more about themselves and, most importantly, have fun!

If you would like to find out more, or would like to bring Multi-Sports to your school, please contact the Communication and Inclusion Resource Centre on 03 9843 2000 or at


Scope is proud to have partnered with Le Mans Dandenong to develop a fully accessible and inclusive Go Karting experience that everyone can enjoy.

Le Mans use state-of-the-art dual seating Go Karts which are accessible via an on-site hoist. This is a new opportunity not to be missed by any speed demon.



Kaleidoscope is an inclusive arts project that has been running since 2006. Scope partners with a number of community arts organizations to support budding and established artists to reach their creative potential.

Through Kaleidoscope you can:

  • Develop your skills through mentorships and workshops
  • Join a competition and be celebrated for your talent
  • Showcase and sell your work at our annual Kaleidoscope exhibition

Kaleidoscope is open to anyone with a disability who uses a Scope service.


Telescope is a project that supports people with a disability to write and tell their stories. We are proud to partner with community organizations to provide opportunities for writers in Melbourne and across Victoria.

Through Telescope you can:

  • Develop your skills through mentorships and workshops
  • Join a competition and be celebrated for your talent
  • Tell you story at our annual Telescope readings

Telescope is open to anyone with a disability who wants to tell their story.


OCRA is a weekly performance group that is meets in St Kilda. We enable people to express themselves through physical theatre and improvisation.

At OCRA you can:

  • Meet new friends
  • Challenge yourself
  • Express yourself
  • Perform for an audience


Social Groups

Scope’s Community Inclusion team runs a number of friendly and accessible social groups. These groups take place during the day, during the night and on weekends.

At Scope Social Groups you can:

  • Meet new friends
  • Discover new skills and interests
  • Learn more about your local area
  • Build your confidence and social skills

Scope’s Social Groups run across Melbourne.

Let’s Grow Together

Scope is piloting a new gardening class at the Grinter Garden in East Geelong. Let’s Grow Together is run by an experienced facilitator and will teach you the basics of gardening in a fun and supportive environment.

At Let’s Grow Together you can:f

  • Learn about gardening
  • Learn about fruit, vegetables and healthy eating
  • Make new friends and have fun in the outdoors
  • Develop skills that can lead to volunteering and employment

For more information about how you can access activities in your community, contact the Communication and Inclusion Resource Centre.

Phone: 03 9843 2000