Support at Home and in the Community

Helping your child thrive in every area of life.

Scope is a registered provider of therapy and support services under the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Our holistic approach combines psychology, physiotherapy, occupational and speech therapy, as well as practical everyday supports to help your child achieve their goals.

We work with children and their families to help them become more independent at home and more included in their community.

Our approach is to always understand the particular needs and desires of each individual. We are experts in discovering your child’s potential.

At Home

For many young people, becoming more independent becomes more important as they get older. This may be as simple as packing a school bag, or as complex  as learning to cook a meal.

Scope therapists and support workers will work with you to come up with creative solutions to these everyday challenges.

In the Community

Feeling included in their world of friends, family and community is often important for young people. We can work with you to participate in sports, clubs and other community activities.

When everyday tasks like catching the bus or learning to shop and manage money seem like a challenge, we can use practical ideas to develop confidence and independence.

Ready for School

Learning in the school environment can be complemented by learning in the home and wider community. We can support your child to develop and practice writing, reading, drawing and even skills for playing in the playground.

Taking a Break (Respite)

Scope respite services support an individual’s participation in many activities, while offering peace of mind for families and carers. You can use our respite services if your child has physical, intellectual or multiple disabilities.