Supported Independent Living

Our supported independent living services are designed to suit the needs of people with a disability who live in specialist disability accommodation. We offer around the clock support to our residents.

Who can use Scope’s Supported Independent Living?

People with physical, intellectual or multiple disabilities between the ages of 18 and 65 can use our supported accommodation services. These houses are subject to availability.

How we help?

Scope’s supported accommodation houses provide you with full-time care and support. Our staff have lots of experience and training and are experts in assisting people with a range of disabilities and health needs. We provide you with high quality care and support you to live independently.

You can also be part of your community. We’ll help you to learn new skills, gain more independence and join in social activities.

Many people with a disability live in residential aged care facilities, which are not designed for young people with complex needs. Scope’s supported accommodation options give you the opportunity to choose how and where you live.

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