What you need to know about Supported Independent Living

What is Supported Independent Living (SIL)? It’s the everyday support you need to live as independently as possible.

Under SIL funding, you have support workers to assist you with daily living tasks around the home.

This includes support with personal care and managing household tasks. For example, showering and dressing, cooking and eating, cleaning, and shopping.

Our SIL staff also partner with you to build your daily living skills and grow your independence.

People who live in Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) have access to SIL supports.

The NDIS gives SDA funding to people who need specialist housing solutions. These people have very high support needs and meet specific eligibility criteria, and SDA houses are specially designed or modified to be more accessible. SDA funding is for the cost of the home or building you live in. You will usually still need to pay rent or other personal costs to live in SDA.

Snapshot of the Supported Independent Living process

Scope’s Vacancy Coordination Team is here to help

Whether you are ready to move out, or still considering your options, Scope’s Vacancy Coordination Team are available to listen and provide help.