FAQs – Staff

The DHHS ICT systems will not be transferred. Scope have our own ICT systems which perform similar functions. You will be inducted and trained on these systems prior to secondment.

Home@ Scope staff will have access to the relevant overarching Governance systems and databases via a dedicated Home@Scope intranet site. They will have general systems access via their computer logins.

We use a Rostering, Time and Attendance system called Skedulo. You will be provided with training on the system.

We use an integrated risk management software package called Riskman. It has CIMS functionality integrated into the system. This means that Scope can enter the incidents and have the report generated in the appropriate format. This will be part of the induction and training prior to transfer.

Induction and orientation activities will commence in accordance with the assigned transfer project plan, which is Parcel specific. Critical training and orientation activities will commence in the weeks prior to the date of transfer. This is to ensure maximising the ability for information to be retained and applied.

The assigned DHHS casual pool will be seconded to Home@Scope to fill casual vacancy shifts in Home@Scope.

The department is currently in consultation with HACSU and Scope to determine these arrangements.

Scope will ensure that all current transport requirement for participants are maintained. We will do these through use of the bus fleet that will be transferred to us, the use of Scope’s pool cars and supplemented by disability awareness trained taxi providers.

Staff will not be eligible to salary package during the secondment period.