Transfer Process

How we will get to know you, and understand your needs and concerns, in the months before the transfer

The recent Provider Roadshow’s with the government gave your first opportunity to me us and learn about the Scope Approach.

We will support you throughout the transfer so you understand how the secondment will affect you, and to ensure continuity of support to people with disability. We will provide you all the necessary training to ensure you are confident with any new systems and processes.

From our own history and experience of delivering services to people with disabilities, we understand the importance of an engaged workforce. Scope respects the fact that you are well qualified and have important and positive relationships with the people who depend on you for support.

Scope offers a supportive team environment where your opinions, capabilities and strengths are recognised and valued; you feel safe and respected; and are trusted to do the right thing.

We will be advocating the principles in the Scope Approach to guide the thinking and actions by all our staff including those of you newly seconded from government.

We recognise the importance of consulting and working closely with staff (and representatives) in relation to changes at the workplace level, to inform decision making processes.

You will have be multiple opportunities to ask questions and raise concerns, including calling our dedicated hotline.

We value your skills and experience – we want to learn from you and how you deliver services. There will be opportunities for you to engage with your Scope peers to give everyone a chance to learn from each other and will review or adapt our approach based on your feedback.