PODD™ communication books

A PODD™ book (Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display) is a comprehensive communication system used to support people who use non-verbal or limited verbal communication.

“Comprehensive” means you can use it to say almost anything you like. A PODD™ book usually contains everyday vocabulary, plus some tailored vocabulary to suit your specific day-to-day needs.

The PODD™ book is an investment, designed to work now and in the future – you can check in with us to update it as you improve your language skills.

2 women using a PODD communication book with a child.

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Scope produces a range of high-quality, durable PODD™ books. We customise them to meet individual needs. Contact us using the form below to arrange a consultation on options for you.

Trial a PODD™ book

You can trial a PODD™ book from Scope’s PODD™ book library with no pressure to buy. This is a great way to try a PODD™ book before you decide whether to customise your own.

If you would like support from Scope’s Complex Communication Needs team to help you make the most of your trial, you can request this too. Seeing the book in use helps us recommend the most suitable language system for you.

Fund a PODD™ book in your NDIS plan

Once you know what PODD™ book you would like, you can use NDIS Capital funding (recommended) or Core funding to purchase the book (see the blog post ‘Using NDIS funding to purchase Communication aids’).

Interested in getting started with a PODD™ book? Send our team an enquiry using this form. We will contact you to discuss your needs.

You can also take a look at our PODD™ book FAQs here.

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