Our team in NSW

With many years of experience, Scope’s well-established and respected Victorian team joins forces with Scope’s highly experienced and knowledgeable NSW team. Together we look forward to providing disability services and more choice in NSW.

As a team, we are passionate about disability support and advocacy. Our customer is at the heart of all we do.

Lee Carpenter

Lee Carpenter

Chief Growth Officer

Lee Carpenter joined the Scope team in January 2021 with the responsibility to lead the expansion of Scope into NSW. Lee comes with several years’ experience within the Disability sector at an executive level. Part of his strategy to build a quality service in NSW is to lead a team that is passionate and dedicated to facilitating inclusion as well as establishing partnerships with leading SDA providers.

Linda Ward

General Manager Service Delivery

Linda Ward joined Scope in May 2021. With over 40 years of experience within the sector and a passion for inclusion, Linda has successfully supported families to design and implement different innovative living arrangements. Implemented prior to the NDIS, these arrangements still operate and exist today. Linda will establish Scope’s first NSW Supported Independent Living Service.

Hayley Maxwell

Manager Support Coordination NSW

Hayley Maxwell joined the Scope team in May 2021. Hayley has previously managed and delivered large support coordination programs within NSW as well as established collaborations with services to support Indigenous communities regionally. Hayley is determined to hire experienced Support Coordinators proficient in the NDIS and local providers to support customers to achieve their goals.

Daniella Herrera

Sales and Relationships Manager

Daniella Herrera joined the Scope NSW team to orchestrate the NSW Customer Journey. Daniella’s key focus is to ensure that Customers, families, Support Coordinators and SDA partners are offered exceptional customer service when seeking support from Scope. The NDIS is complex to understand, therefore Daniella will ensure that processes and interactions within the Customer Journey remain simple and easy to navigate.

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