Kids Chat

Kids Chat is a free Scope program designed to help children who find it hard to communicate.

The program is designed and delivered by speech pathologists experienced in supporting children with communication difficulties.

Kids Chat helps families, teachers and other support workers to use Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) principles and tools in their daily interactions.

How do I get involved?

Free Kids Chat 2 You workshop

This 2 ½ hour workshop will give you valuable information about non-electronic communication aids to support your child’s communication. You will learn about the tools available and how to implement them. You will also find out how to get communication aids with your NDIS funding.

Free Individual consultations

Sign up for an individual consult with a Scope speech pathologist and receive tailored advice along with a free non-electronic communication aid.

We will help you design an AAC aid specifically for your child, give recommendations on what to ask for in your NDIS plan and how to support your child’s ongoing needs.

If you can’t get to a workshop or consult, you can watch this one-hour webinar, which covers topics addressed in the workshops.

We value your feedback. Please complete this short survey once you’ve viewed our webinar.

The Kids Chat workshops and communication aids are free, thanks to the generous funding from.