Looking for independence

The team at Scope is here to help your child grow through their teen years and into adulthood

Going to school and making friends. Looking for independence. Having a say in how their life is going to be… This is an exciting time for teens and young adults.  

Many kids and teens like to feel that they can do things themselves. They want to be independent. This goal is different for every person. Some kids may want to pack their own school bag or spend time with friends. Others may like to do their own shopping or learn to cook. Either way, your team at Scope will make sure these goals are part of your child’s plan. Your child’s team of therapists will create fun and practical activities to open a world of possibilities.

In the Community

Making friends and being included is important to all. Choose how you want to spend each day with Scope’s Lifestyle Options. We can help you learn new skills, enjoy recreational activities and even find work and volunteering experience. We offer a range of sports, art and social activities throughout the year

Ready for School

Any change in life can be scary, whether your child is starting school, changing their school, or preparing to move out of school in couple of years. But not to worry, Scope is here to support you at all stages, providing solutions designed to suit your needs.

If your child is moving up from kinder to school let’s work together to help them feel ready for school. They’ll learn skills to help with anxiety. They’ll practice playing and interacting with other children.

Starting to school is a big step but it opens the door to so many possibilities for your child. Let’s work together to make the most of these opportunities.

Taking a Break (Short-term accommodation)

Whether your goal for your child is to learn new skills, meet new people, or for you to simply enjoy a short break, Scope’s short-term accommodation can make it happen.

Therapy in Schools

Scope provides group therapy sessions in school. Find out more about it here.

Get the plan that's right for you - Scope NDIS Planning Tool

Planning and knowing your goals is the key to getting the right funding for the services you want. Scope's planning tool is an easy to use, step by step guide with key questions and helpful hints.

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